Don’t Fear Water Damage

Total water damage repair and restoration services in Alexander and Little Rock, AR, from Southern Home Services, LLC

Your neighborhood was hit by heavy rains that flooded into your home’s first floor.

You came home to a broken pipe and a basement filled with water.

You’ve noticed moisture seeping through the walls and causing your wallpaper to peel or your paint to crack, and you know you must take immediate action.

Whatever havoc water may have wreaked in your home, have no fear. Southern Home Services, LLC is here to help.

Water damage experts in Alexander and Little Rock, Arkansas

Southern Home Services, LLC is here to get your home repaired and restored to better-than-before conditions. In more than 10 years of business in Alexander and Little Rock, Arkansas and the surrounding area, Southern Home Services, LLC has seen every kind of damage that water can bring.

Specializing in wood rot replacement, there is no property damage that our trained professionals can’t handle!

The pros at Southern Home Services, LLC can root out rot in:

• Exterior trim, including windowsills and drip caps
• Interior walls, including drywall and painted surfaces
• Floors, steps and basements

Protect and restore the place you live. Contact Southern Home Services, LLC today to set up a free water damage consultation.